How We Work For You

After we have ascertained your needs, we will begin to select qualified candidates for you to interview. Prior to the interview, you'll receive a profile on each applicant.

The applicant profile contains previous work history, verification of employment, personal data which includes medical history, legal status verification and educational certifications. We obtain a criminal report on each applicant being considered for placement.

Camelview Domestic Placement Service is pleased to offer guideline information which will help you determine the correct wage compensation and benefits to offer your employee.

Placement Fees
& Guarantees

Our fees are determined by the job description. Our fees will vary due to the fact that we provide our clients with part-time and temporary employees, as well as long-term, permanent and live-in help.

Our temporary placement contracts are based on employment of three months or less.

For permanent placement, we offer a 90-day replacement program (per applicant). This replacement period allows the client and employee an opportunity to terminate their relationship if problems should occur.